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World Cancer Day

International cancer day is also known as world cancer day. This day is marked on the 4th of February every year. The day is contributed to the individuals affected by cancer all around the world. On this day all the important aspects related to cancer are discussed. The processes of Diagnosis are a major part of discussions. Moreover, the procedures of treatment, as well as prevention, are also given. A declaration was written in 2008 which is called as World Cancer Declaration. A joint committee or union was also formed in this regard which is known as the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). The union presents an awareness of international levels to reduce the causes of cancer-related deaths. All the necessary and precautionary measures are made possible on the Cancer Day. This day is a source of showing support for the patients. Therefore, its importance cannot be denied.


World cancer day was first observed on February 4, 2000, during the meeting or cancer summit in Paris. It was signed by the Director-General of UNESCO and later on by the French President. From the very first observation, the main aims of the day include the awareness about the disease. It contains all the factors that can cause illness. The spreading and initiating of cancer were carefully under observation and all the possible measures have been taken since then. Another important factor was a diagnosis, At first cancer practitioners and specialists were not able to diagnose the disease at early stages. The result was that people with cancer started dying. The increase in death ration was alarming for the institutions and medical centers.
So after that, the incidences modernization period started. In today's world, various modern methods of diagnosis and treatments of cancer are available. These methods vary from radiation to stem cell technology. Now there is a great reduction in the death rate of the individuals affected by cancer due to innovations in medical science.


The main purpose of the day is to show sympathy for the community affected by cancer. People show their affection in the form of Road March. Awareness is spread in people of all age groups through different advertisement media. Brochures and leaflets are distributed in this regard. You can also observe TVC’s on this day following the day. The medical officers and other such officials’ brief people about the progress that is taking place in the treatment of cancer.

Countries Involved

Many countries take part in cancer day ceremonies. Officials of the Government visit various cancer treatment centers to check the arrangements and facilities. Moreover, many non-profit organizations and charities are also working worldwide for helping patients fighting against cancer. 

The countries in which ceremonies take place include the USA, UK, GERMANY, IRELAND, SWITZERLAND, CHINA, PAKISTAN, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, AND NEW ZEALAND. Many locals and international bodies are working to help the affected community. This global effort will be a great favor in eliminating these kinds of diseases in the future.


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