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Family Day

In the world of a modern era, everyone is busy in his own life. People are so much involved in their personal activities that they don’t have time to talk to their parents and siblings. However, this is some awkward culture the young generation has adopted and they must bring change in themselves to spend quality time with their parents and siblings. In this regard, the countries celebrate the family day. The main purpose is to gather the family and to spend a day doing multiple activities together and realizing how important these relationships are in life.

Origins and history

International Day of Families is celebrated on the 15th of May every year. But, a particular Family day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. For example, in Japan people celebrate the day on November, 17. In the USA it is celebrated on August, 2 while in Canada people have fun on the first Sunday of February. Thus, each country has own date of celebration. But the origin is the same. In 1990, the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta passed the Act. He clearly stated that the family will quit their activities and spend time with each other. People arrange fun activities and entertain each other to realize the importance of each family member.


Although there is no hard and fast rule to celebrate the day people follow the interest of their parents and siblings. They arrange the gifts; decorate the house in a way their parents like as well as prepare the special dresses to celebrate the moments. Some people prepare religious ceremonies and pray to God to keep the family united, happy and successful, while others arrange the festive meals and parties to rejoice themselves.


There are different ways to celebrate the day. Some of these are

Planning a day trip

The interesting thing about a day is that you can do whatever you want to bring happiness. The good thing is to plan a trip to a place where you share your happy moments with your parents, grandparents, and lovely childhood friends. Plan a day trip to somewhere you love to visit in childhood to gather your memories.

Decoration of house

It is another way to celebrate special moments with your loved ones. Lighten up your place with candles, display the photographs and hang some charts with special love quotes. Present the family day card with special wishes and prayers.

Playing games

Let take yourself to the past. Reshuffle the memories that you used to play in your childhood with your parents. The ONO cards, monopoly, hide and seek or other such stuff that you love to play. Or you can arrange the court to play badminton, basketball or cricket. Arrange for the game, you were fond of playing in childhood. It is simple yet the best way to spend the quality plus precious time with your loved ones.

Try to celebrate this special day with parents who are always waiting for their children to share good moments or have dinner time together. Have some time for them and make the day auspicious, precious and memorable. 

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