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International Peace Day

International Peace Day is also referred to as World Peace Day. This day is officially certified and approved as a holiday. It is celebrated across the world on 21st September every year. It is celebrated with full pomp and show and is devoted to peace all over the globe. For the prevention and absence of war and violence activity from the world, it is therefore celebrated with full enthusiasm. The United Nations announced this day as a holiday. Many political groups, military, and different nations combine to celebrate this day. As the word depicts, its purpose is to bring peace in the world and maintain law and order in the country. It stands against war and violence.


In the General Assembly of the United Nations, the resolution regarding peace is supported by the United Kingdom and Costa Rica. The date at first was not finalized by the assembly and chosen to be the third Tuesday of September; however, it was later modified and changed to the 21st of September. It was set to strengthen and build the foundation of peace. It is created with the idea to restore peace and harmony in the country. Now, that it is celebrated all over the world with extreme happiness and in a prospering way. The Culture of Peace is also embarked as a day that represents the unity among different organizations.


The purpose of Peace Day is to bring back the harmony and peace that has been distorted by war and violence. Back in time, the purpose of its creation is to prevent any war and hazardous situation. At that time there was a furious war going on the different borders and the whole world is engaged in battle. It is created to avoid any such situation and brings peace among the nation. It has a unique symbol that is represented by a dove holding a leaf in its beak. It depicts the generosity and harmony that nations are lacking among each other.

Involved Countries

Different countries are promoting this day and it is globally accepted in most of the countries. The western countries enjoy a full day and make it remarkable. Moscow, Geneva, UK, USA, France, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, India, China, Japan, etc. these countries show their spirit by coming out together to celebrate peace and strongly stand against war and other criminal activity that violates the peace in the world.

How to Celebrate

It is up to your style and way on how to celebrate the day. Most countries bring out March and have a peaceful show. They blow a candle and bring a poster, play-cards to show their enthusiasm. It is celebrated on 21 September with a huge public gathering that has been high in motivation. People usually do speeches, social work, inaugurate peace-related and many more.
Every occasion and day is important, it is up to us how we celebrate and make it memorable. The peace day symbolizes peace, harmony, and justice around the world. It gives the message to unitedly stand with each other and the nation is built to prosper not to fight with each other.



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