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Water Day

Water Day is been observed to celebrate on 22nd March around the globe. It has been marked to celebrate with a huge celebration and show. Every year countries show up their motivation by celebrating Water Day. Water is the resource and has to be used wisely. Water is the most important component of our life and it helps us to sustain alive. Every living and non-living thing needs water to live. The day is celebrated to highlight the importance and various aspect of water. The water has ¾ portions in Earth's crust and people use the water for their daily life activities.


The idea of this day was presented in 1992 in a conference on Environment and Development. The idea is to celebrate the water day internationally. The mutual consent of the United Nations announced 22nd March to be celebrated as a water day. In 1992, the idea of water day was approved and is declared as an important day that has to celebrate worldwide with great interest and spirit. The very first Water Day was seen to be celebrated in 1993 with great appreciation and public support.


Each year, it comes up with a new approach and theme whose main focus is to educate a large population about the uses of water. People are using abundant water supply and waste a large amount of water. To create awareness among the people, this day is organized. People came forward and donate for the welfare of society; the different organization collects funds to help in establishing different water projects. The purpose of this day is to provide water to every people despite his cast, gender, creed, and race. Most people overlook different groups, so this should be eradicated from society. Focus on making a sustainable and developed environment.

Involved Countries

Each country plays its role in celebrating his day by creating awareness among its people. The country preserved the rights of using the water safely. Many countries are having estranged relationships with each other water; this shows that water is the most important thing for survival and living. Many countries show their affection for celebrating this day. Countries that are part of the celebration are Kenya, Philippines, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, United States, United Arab Emirates and many more are involved in the celebration of this day. They came forward and organized a nationwide program for water awareness.

How to Celebrate

It is a nationally observance day in United State and is celebrated with high appreciation. It is celebrated with a mutual association of a variety of events. A different event like educational, theatrical, musical and lobbying associate themselves to organize the water day. People also came forward and indulge themselves in raising money and to increase funding for different water projects. On this day, many people take the initiative to supply water to that area that is deprived of this resource. The celebration is done with full support and is appreciated by the people worldwide. The people celebrate this day by creating awareness among people.

Water is a resource and it must be used according to the need. We should save water and keep our environment clean.

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