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World Photography Day

Each year photographers celebrate the photo capturing the day on August 19. Taking photos and capturing the best moments of life is a wonderful experience. Photography is not only the profession but is known as the best hobby in the world, people love to take snaps of themselves, exotic points in the earth, special occasions, weather or any other moment that fascinate them.

History of photography day

In 1837, the French photographer Louis Daguerre introduced a new phenomenon known as Daguerreotype. It is the photographic process. Through this process, the image was created on the silver plate. It was a heavy, accurate, detailed and sharp image. Since then, photography day is celebrated. Although science has brought a lot of innovation in this field, If we compare the past images with the advanced photographs there exist the key difference in quality.


The main purpose of celebrating the day is to bring awareness and importance of the photography field. On that day the top-class photographers arrange the exhibitions to show the new technology and skills of the famous artist in the field. It is the day that is not only celebrated to recall the inventers of a camera and photographic technology but also to motivate people to bring innovation in the field to make it one of the best-earning professions in the world.


People celebrate the day by doing the following activities to enjoy and make the day special.

Exhibit their photographs

The best way to celebrate the day is the display of the pictures. The renowned photographers pick the best photos from their digital album, edit them and then display in their gallery. The basic purpose is not to advertise their photographic agency and skills but also to show people the different aspects of photography. Not only professionals but those who do photography as their hobby also love to show their masterpieces to the public

Visit some photogenic place

Have a walk with your camera and explore the city with a photogenic view. There is no need to travel so far rather you will find many places in your area. Capture that persuading views on your camera. It is an exciting ay to make the 19th august the memorable day.

Start the new project

Photographers usually take and start a new project on photography day. Some people start the 365-day project so that can exhibit their photos next year on the same date. They find this day a good option for the exhibition, as professionals want to see the work of their competitors. They get a new idea and bring innovation to their work.

Photograph distribution as gifts

Some people especially professional photographers arrange an event. They distribute the best photos as a gift to their lovely fans. It is not only a good way to advertise their brand but also to win the heart of fans who are fond of photography.

Photography day is important for both professionals and for those who do shooting as a hobby a son that day they learn and explore photographic skills. Thus, enjoy their day and promise themselves to become more perfect in the field.

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