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Teacher's Day

Teachers Day is a special and specific day that is organized to appreciate the working and efforts of teachers. Teacher’s day is celebrated on the 5th of October every year. This day is acknowledged throughout the world. The basic purpose of celebrating this day is to give special honor to the teachers who have contributed to society. Every country uses to celebrate this day differently but its purpose is to make the mark the efforts of the teachers.

History and Context 

As we know the importance of teachers in our society and this tradition is continued for many decades because of the services of teachers. This day is being celebrated since 5th October of 1994 and this day was recognized globally and it was declared by UNESCO at their teacher’s day. At first, this day was recognized by a few countries but now it has been recognized globally in a very quick time. This day was also celebrated before the declaration of UNESCO but the global celebration of this day was started after 1994. This day is organized to thanks the teachers who have to provide special services in education for the population of a country. The importance of this day always increases because of the advancement throughout the world because of the advancement in education and their teachers.

Customs and Traditions

This day is celebrated on the 5th of October every year in most parts of the world but this day is not constant for the whole world. This is because some countries celebrate this day on a different date. These countries usually fix the date when they achieved a milestone in education. Like Argentina celebrates this day on 11th September in remembrance of Domingo’s death. Who was a teacher and president of Argentina? The tradition and customs of this day vary from country to country but the importance of teachers in every country is equal. The tradition of celebrating this day is very high in some developed countries like the USA because they acknowledge the development of there is due to their hard-working of teachers. Some countries also organize some conferences, seminars as well as special training sessions for the teacher to upgrade their levels.


The celebration of Teacher’s day also varies from country to country. Most countries celebrate this day at the government level because their government uses to organize some special events for the teachers. The common of celebrating this day is to organize events in school in which teachers get special awards from management for giving them special honor. Students usually give flowers, cards, and gifts to their favorite teacher. Some students use to visit the grave of their favorite teacher if the teacher has been deceased. This day remarks the special training of the teacher towards their students because they are the reason behind the advancement of the world. Most of the famous scientists have declared their teachers as the reason behind their success. In some education institutes, the student arranges some thanksgiving parties to their teachers in recognition of their efforts and struggle.

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