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Human Rights Day

Human Rights day is a selected day for the rights of humans. This day is acknowledged for the right of humans regardless of race, color, sex, culture, religion, political differences and other categories of rights. This day is celebrated throughout the world which means that this is a universal celebrated day. The human rights day is celebrated every year on the 10th of December.

Origins and Historical conflict

This day was introduced after the adoption by the United Nation general assembly when the whole assembly accepted the Universal Declaration of human rights. This adaption of human rights declaration happened on 10th December 1948 which means that day is celebrated from the last 71 years. The day became popular after the United Nation postal administration introduces the stamp for human rights day in 1952 and after the introduction of the new stamp, 200,000 advance order was received. At the time of the adaption of declaration regarding this day, 48 countries were in favor while only 8 member countries were not into the way of declaring this day as human rights day.

This universal day is not only celebrated by a specific group/country or by a specific religion as it is celebrated and acknowledged by all of the religions and the whole of the countries. This day is also considered as the peace day for the rights of humans.


The tradition of celebrating this universal day is dependent on the culture or the country. All the celebrating countries use to celebrate in different styles like many countries celebrate by standing in the rights of those humans who have been remained under oppression. These countries not only stand for the people of their countries but also the people of another part of the world. Most of the Muslim countries use to celebrate this day for the freedom of oppressive countries like Syria. Some other countries also celebrate it by remembering the people who have worked for the right of humans like Nelson Mandela.


Each of the countries celebrates the human rights day but remember that this day is celebrated in different styles from country to country. Some countries give more importance to this day while some countries celebrate it as usual. The United States of America celebrates the week for human rights instead of the day. This week was started on 9th December of 2011 on the order of their president. Throughout the world, all of the countries celebrate this day on 10th December except South Africa. South Africa celebrates this day on 21st March in remembrance of the Sharpeville massacre which was happened on 21st March 1960. On this day, South Africans protests counter to the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

This day has much importance just because it’s not only celebrated by a specific country or religion but by all of them. Most importantly, all of the religions throughout the world instruct acknowledgment of the declaration of human rights. This is the reason why this day is celebrated by all countries and religions. 


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