Veterans Day Quotes to Honor and Salute our Heroes
Veterans Day

Veterans Day is observed every year on 11th November. It is an official holiday in the United States and is commemorated to pay a tribute to the veterans of the military who have served in the US army. Many people confuse it with Memorial Day. Memorial Day honors the militants that passed away while fighting for the country. Veterans Day is observed to privilege all the military militants, whether deceased or living. Veterans Day is an off day for the prevalent population, and educational institutions and businesses are closed to pay tribute to the militants.


Veterans Day was celebrated for the first time in 1919 after the World war ended a year before. The purpose of the day was to honor the soldiers who participated in the Great War and sacrificed and showed bravery. In 1926 the Veterans Day was announced to be a public holiday in America. Raymond Weeks, the veteran of World War II in 1945, suggested expanding the Veterans Day to honor the militants also who are still alive. 

Veterans Day Holidays

  • Presidents Day

It is an official holiday celebrated in America on the third Monday in February.

  • National Armed Forces Day 

This day is celebrated all around the world to give a tribute to the male and female militants of the US military who have helped to save the world.

  • Memorial Day

This day is celebrated to honor the militants who lost their lives while fighting in the wars. 

Veteran day Traditions

  • Giving Military themed gifts

The veterans who have spent their time serving the country are honored for this service with gifts. Military themed gifts like bottle openers (this is common among vets mostly), wooden flags of the USA and specially designed pens are gifted to the veterans.

  • Restaurant deals

It’s a common tradition that famous restaurants in the USA come up with amazing deals for the veteran turned foodies. They provide tasty dinners and breakfast for free.

  • Ship cookies overseas

The active-duty soldiers from the military are remembered on this day and are delivered with cookies by the company named Operation Cookies. The veterans themselves own the company, and they send baked cookies to the active-duty soldiers stationed in different parts of the world.

How to observe Veterans Day

  • Hire a Veteran

Veterans have to undergo a lot of problems and are not able to apply for local jobs once they get back from the service. As they were leading military troops, they can turn out to be great leaders and employees.

  • Go for a run

There are organizations that are helping the injured veterans in need by building homes for them. You can take part in a race that will result in good fundraising for them.

  • Freebies for veterans
All businessmen and employees working for a business can take the opportunity to thank the veterans for their service by providing them with freebies. It can be a simple coffee treat or a tax return to honor them on this special day.

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