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Friendship Day

Friendship Day is a unique day, as the name shows it represents the friendship among two people. Friendship Day is celebrated by the youth with great appreciation and enjoyment. This day is celebrated in the month of July. Each country celebrates it according to its set dates. This day brings inspiration and revives the friendship among the people. It truly shows the friendship bond and how the true friends are affectionate towards each other. Friends are more likely to help each other in every matter, true friend stands in every situation either good or bad. Friendship Day gives positive memories of each other.


It was first celebrated in United State on 30 July 1958. It came into notice of many people, and they promulgated this celebration by enjoying the day. In 2011, the United Nation initiated to celebrate this day and announced 30 July as an official day to celebrate Friendship Day worldwide. It is to celebrate the honor of friendship and it originally came from the United States in 1919. This day brings the memory of the beautiful bond that established among friends and strengthens over time. Different countries have set their dates to celebrate this occasion, it has recognition around the world.


The purpose to celebrate Friendship Day is to cherish your friendship and revive it once again. It has extreme importance in the life of every person and has a great impact on its behavior. The purpose of this day is to enlighten the bond and celebrate the friendship with high spirit and enthusiasm. The day is to be subjected a valuable and important as it resuscitates friendship and persuades the people to make new friends. Everyone needs a companion apart from parents to share their secrets, spend some time, and do some wild things, etc. A good friend is a blessing as it never leaves you alone, makes you happy in a sad time and knows you the most. To celebrate this bond, this day is celebrated.

Involved Countries

Every country has established its norms and values. They celebrate the day with their sense of style and spirit. Friendship day keeps an uplift stance in the nation and is celebrated with high morale. The countries that celebrated this day are Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Uruguay, Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Paraguay, Finland, Bolivia, Estonia, and the United State. The people came forward and approach this day and altogether celebrate it. Each nation ensures that people celebrate this event and set a new example of friendship by their devotion and love towards each other.

How to Celebrate

The celebration of Friendship Day is done with a high peak and things are already prepared a week ago. Mostly, this day is celebrated by giving cards to each other. The research shows that people use social networking sites to greet their friends. Normally, a group of friends came together and enjoy this day. They revive their golden memories, posting their pictures on social networking sites, eat food together, and altogether plan something. Giving gifts to each other, flowers, tie bands on each other wrist are the traditional way and still, they are followed.

Friendship Day brings the feeling that is experienced in childhood and young days with friends. It highlights the bond among friends and their affection towards each other.

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