Spiritual Quotes

We are not a freedom-loving country in the spiritual sense, and we may have an inspiring constitution but have hard-hearted people. Spirituality is an escape for a failed human being as it helps in distracting from failure. Over spiritual men can handle marriage as they can resist it as bitter medicine. The most spiritual human beings can deal with the tragedies in life in most courageous ways as they honor life. If bad manners accompany spiritual strength and passion, it can provoke loathing.

Spirituality will help bring in two things for you, one is being selfless and others you trust to providence. The opposite of a spiritual person is a materialist who wastes time in gathering name, fame, and money. In an Islamic world, the need for spiritual reform is necessary along with political change. The combination of spiritual and worldly force is needed to survive in the practical and material world. In any church, spiritual leadership should remain more powerful than temporary power.

We all judge human beings based on external things like their social position, influence, popularity, wealth, and education. The internal factors like honesty, sincerity, and generosity are, however, a more critical and strong foundation of spiritual life. When we follow the rules of God in life, we are blessed, spiritual, healthy, and happy. The spirituality within yourself will help you get rid of greed and hate while the spiritual mentors, too, usually teach us to improve ourselves.