Stars Quotes

Shining the beautiful rays of dazzling stars, that enlighten up the whole night. Coming after the moving day, comes a dark night. The night is full of secrets that come along with it. The twinkling sensation of stars makes the sky beautiful and fascinating. It has the never-ending charm that cherished the whole sky. A dark sky looks colossal and attractive by the presence of stars that are arranged in different patterns. Stars are millions of distance away from us but it seems like they are close to us. The stars are like complementary goods that come with the night. It has its own charm and charisma.

Some stars are bigger than the Sun, there are millions and trillions of stars up in the sky. These stars are arranging themselves in such a way that they make Galaxies like our Milky Way. The star shines in the sky seems like a jewel shown up in the sky. The perplexed and enduring beauty creates a beautiful scene and is appreciated by everyone.  Stars are so amazing that they are sometimes used as a smiley to describe anything and used as a personification to relate the things to each other. A cluster of stars group together presents a beautiful and adorable scene that casts a beautiful image in the sky.

The night brings a beautiful scene and spread the darkness along with shining and glittering rays of stars. Star, so far, seems so close and gives bright light. People are yearning to reach stars as they are inspired by their beauty.