Two Quotes

Everything in life has two aspects. Right, left, true, false, positive, negative, up, down, low, high and much more. Life is rotating between two strategies that are to do or don't do. A person leads his life, what his mind says. He leads the life with yes or no situation. It is the person's will that how he wants to carry himself in society. If he thinks positive, he agrees with the right things and disagrees with the wrong aspects of life, then there are few chances that he fails. Rather, he gets success, maybe after a long time, but there are more chances, he will get fruitful results in being optimistic, hardworking and positive. On the other hand, those who are a pessimist and think only negative plus use the wrong route to lead the life, get disappointments. Thus, life runs between figure two. It is one's ability that what he wants to do to satisfy himself. He may move towards the direction that he thinks is right for him.

Number two seems simple but is quite important. If a person thinks seriously, then he can mold his life towards success and happiness. In contrast, if he takes life as a joke, then it’s difficult for him to meet the goals he wishes to attain.

Number two is important and plays a significant role in a person's life. Let's have a look at the thinking of famous people and learn what they say about this number. See how they beautifully describe number two and how it brought change to their life.