Use Quotes

When you were born in this world, the creator established many storehouses which were set aside, especially for your use. There might be situations in your life when someone tries to provoke you, but it’s up to you whether you want to be stimulated or keep yourself calm and composed. Many times in life, you have to use your knowledge to carry out the work without any distractions. Rather than being skeptical, you can use regrettable word of choices. If you use the words loosely or unsteadily will not be understood by your friends or loved ones. There is no use to create mysteries as it will only fear people out.

If you are conscious about your diet or believe in being fit, then consume less food that would mean you won’t have to use the stove often. If you are tired, you would probably not like to use your eyes at the end of the day. If you are inquisitive and want to search for some useful information, then try to use Google. If I can use it, you can use it, and everyone else can use it too, as per your requirements.

If you use self-control, it will be useful because you won’t allow yourself going in the wrong direction. You can do better if you use your judgment and pray if you feel like to lead a better life. The knowledge can become wisdom if you put it to good use. Nothing is impossible in a war, but only if you use audacity.