Want Quotes

Want is the second name of desire or wish. Everyone has wishes that he wants to come true. Some make extraordinary efforts to achieve their goals while others have a good fortune and they get achievements in a short time. Whatever the person wants depends on o his will. If he has goodwill, then he gets the best. So, he stays satisfied, peaceful and leads a happy life. On the other hand, the person who wants to attain with bad will may get success at that time, but later on, he has to bear the consequences.

When someone wants to attain something, he may have to bear disappointment. It is because he can't achieve it or unable to attain the thing, he wants that makes him disappointed. In that case, a person must react courageously and must check out his weekly points. When a person judges himself, he gets an idea of what is his weakness and how should he improve to lead a successful life. In that situation, maybe he has to do hard work, but the time comes when he gets more than he wanted to achieve. It is the real-time success that a person gets.

Some people are so keen to achieve whatever they want and they don’t think what is right and wrong. They even take bold steps to get whatever they want in life. It is the worst thing a person practice in his life as fulfilling desires through the wrong way that leads to a bad result.