War Quotes

War is a conflict between two countries or groups of countries with the opposing nation. Mainly the severe condition occurs when one country is dominant while others have less power to fight. If we see the world war in detail, the researchers define it in 8 different ways. There exist a reason behind each type of war. The kinds include economic, territorial, revenge, civil, defensive, nationalism, revolution, and religion. If we see the history and current position several countries are in a state of war for many decades.

Although with the advancement in technology and development of high-tech weapons countries are trying to resolve issues through discussion. But still, some dominant powers believe in war and want to show their power.
These days commonly we see the religious war in the world. Most Muslim countries are bearing the cruelty of Jerusalem and Christian. There exist the injustice and people are suffering ring a lot from the cruelty.

The human rights authorities and religious personalities are against the war as it destroys humanity. Yet several countries are facing hardships.

 Most of the people think and say much about the war. There is written a lot about the war, and its negative effects. We find a lot of stories, discussions, and quotes on war. If you are keen to read about thinking of well-known people for war, then read through these hundreds of quotes about war and gain your knowledge. Perhaps, how war affects life and countries. Why people are against the war and why superpowers want to show their dominance.