Wise Quotes

Wise means good. It is stated in two ways; one is the wise person and the other is theĀ wise decision. In both cases, the meaning is the same that is perfect or good. The person who is wise means that his sincere and fair in dealing. He performs his duties actively, always try to complete a task on time and fulfill his promises. Everyone expects respect from others. The good person is always respected and people idealize him because of is the behaviors and kind acts. If we compare good with bad, the former one is always successful. Maybe he is not financially strong, but ethically he has a high ranking. In contrast, the bad one, who performs duties with negativity will is not respected by others.

Just like the wise people, wise decision matters a lot. A person who thinks before making a decision takes less risk. He knows about the fact and figures about the work he is going to do. So he first does homework and then decides about the work. Therefore, making a decision wisely or performing life duties with goodwill both provide a beneficial result. Being good helps in improving value in the world. Good people do not take care of others, but they also get respect on their behalf. In short wise people get respect from people and reward from God.

Quotes on being good, dictate a lot about this behavior of people. The scholars and professionals have written much about the word wise and benefits for being good.